About Quick Tally Interactive Systems

Quick Tally supplies the very highest quality, unconditionally guaranteed Audience Response Systems for interactive meetings and events.
Whether you’re hosting a meeting, television game show or an entertainment event, Quick Tally® can turn it into a more interesting and productive interactive event. When you select Quick Tally® to provide ARS for your event, you are not just getting a piece of AV equipment, you are employing a full-service interactive audience response company with almost 3 decades of international experience creating successful events with well-known companies, organizations, associations, and groups of every size.

Shaping American
Pop Culture

Quick Tally’s original audience voting machine was featured in a special exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History honoring America’s Funniest Home Videos!  The reality-show-with-voting-competition format we helped pioneer 30 years ago is now the foundation of some of today’s most popular television shows.

We’ve done more TV shows than all other providers combined, including the world’s first interactive TV show, the world’s first interactive multi-site TV show, and the world’s largest interactive audience — a 5,000 participant stadium.

Quick Tally provides highly skilled on-site personnel and ARS equipment on a rental or sale basis.

The Quick Tally Solution

Integrating Quick Tally® with your event is easy. Even first-time users can be confident of a powerful, effective interactive event. We use the world’s most popular system providing twenty-million response solutions. Along with the latest advancements in audience response systems, we bring our expertise—including interactive meeting design consultation and custom questionnaire development. We’ll work with you step-by-step to guide you through the process to meet your specific goals, offering real solutions backed by over thirty years of success.

Quick Tally Services

1. Pre-Session Dialogue
2. Session Planning
3. Developing a Questionnaire
4. Exploring an Impromptu Questionnaire
5. On-Site Setup, Rehearsals, Voting Tabulation
6. Post-Session Data
7. Consulting Services

Guaranteed Results

Before you make any decisions about using an ARS you should know about the exceptional guarantee offered by Quick Tally® Interactive Systems. We unconditionally guarantee we’ll meet or exceed your expectations, or the session fee is on us! That’s how sure we are that Quick Tally® will enliven and electrify your meeting, engage your audience and enhance your effectiveness…guaranteed.