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This easy-to-use audience voting “clicker” response device from Turning Technologies offers a simple design with clear and concise buttons to make participation a breeze.

Allow participants to answer polling questions with the click of a button. The simple design supports added engagement and no learning curve for participants to begin responding.
For voting accuracy, the device is designed to tally only one vote per question, per device. If the voter enters several numbers the last entry made is the only one that is recorded. The exceptions are a special mode for ranking several items within the same question and a function for weighting votes of delegates. Both of these functions are controlled by the systems operator and may not be manipulated by the voter.

This audience voting keypad is the size of a credit card, but inside that small package are all the features and functionality you need to make sure your selections are not just accurate, but also quickly and easily transmitted to your receiver. The case is lightweight as well as durable, to make it easy to move it from room to room, or even around the globe to maximize mobility.

The voter verifies the accuracy of their vote by viewing the number or letter they have entered in a liquid crystal display (LCD) on the device. A confirmation light on the handset is used for verification that the vote has been sent and received.

When the audience voting is deemed to be complete (by time or number of votes—or a combination of both), the operator closes the voting with a keystroke and sends it as PowerPoint to projection. Voting results may be displayed by raw numbers or by percentages.

Using simple and intuitive audience voting software and response devices, you can connect speakers and audience members with the press of a button. The results from your interactive questions are presented instantly as PowerPoint on monitors or projection, in real-time. Use it to determine what the audience knows, thinks, or would like to learn or discuss. Take advantage of being able to instantly take the pulse of the audience. Pivot mid presentation if something you’re saying doesn’t resonate or a question prompts the need for a follow-up.

Quick Tally® provides interactive event consulting, event design and interactive questionnaire design at additional fees. We offer backup audience voting rental equipment and technicians for your larger events. Our technicians are based in Los Angeles and San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Florida, Washington DC and the New York Tristate area.

WebEx Demos + Event Support

You can use Quick Tally’s online demonstrations to see first-hand how easy and effective our audience voting equipment is.

Quick Tally® has provided trusted consultation and on-site audience response services for three decades. Coupled with Turning Technologies’ easy-to-use audience response systems and industry-leading training, warranties, and on-site support available with every purchase, we guarantee to fulfill all your polling and reporting needs.

For more details, please review the levels of event support that Quick Tally offers.