Uses for Electronic Voting Clickers

Electronic voting clickers are the best voting devices in the market today. These clickers are audience response systems that quickly record an individual’s vote. Giving a response on the voting clickers is as easy as pressing the answer on the keypad. That’s why the process of electronic voting is increasingly being adopted in different settings, such as:


  • Meetings, Events, and Workshops
  • Education and Training
  • Television audience responses
  • Market Research

Electronic Clickers for Meetings, Events, and Workshops

In meetings, events, and workshops, the audience gets tired of lifting their hands and expose their responses to the entire group might choose not to. Hence, electronic clickers are ideal as they’re easy to use. Here is why these voting devices are perfect for this case:


  • Authenticity of the audience voting
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Data recording
  • Tabulation of reports
  • Performance monitoring
  • Identifying the level of understanding
  • Identification of knowledge retention

Authenticity of the audience

Electronic voters are invaluable when you want to keep your meeting focused and on track. Incorporate meetings, people fear to be authentic. Therefore, the 

opinions given are rarely honest and diverse. A voting clicker will allow you to collect information that’s diverse and honest.

electronic voting clickers keep your audience from having to raise their hands

Flexibility and versatility

Also, an audience response system can incorporate a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint can be a voting tool that’s very flexible and versatile. For example, if the meeting agenda changes, the PowerPoint in the electronic device will allow for such changes. Thus, the entire meeting will be engaging from beginning to end.

Data recording

Additionally, the clicker can record all the data collected during the meeting, which you can review in real time and later on.

Tabulation of reports

Moreover, you can tabulate reports using the device at the end of the meeting or during the meeting. The voting process can select graphs or charts to display the results of the information gathered.

Performance monitoring

Voting clickers are also perfect for events. The response system in the clicker can be embedded with quiz slides. You can use these slides to monitor the performance of different individuals, groups and teams in an event.

Identifying the level of understanding

These clickers also help in identifying the level of understanding in individuals and teams as well. That’s why they’re also excellent for use in workshops.

Electronic Clickers for Education and Training

Clickers are ideal for use in an education and training setting. In a classroom, for instance, clickers can be used in various ways:

  • Student engagement
  • Taking student attendance
  • Making assessments
  • Adjustment of teaching methods


Student engagement

Clicker technology is excellent at actively engaging students in a classroom, both as individuals and as a group. With education clickers, the teacher can see the name of the respondent right away.

However, the answers on the screen will remain anonymous. Besides, a clicker doesn’t have to use yes and no answers only. Students have the option of typing in multiple choices or sentences as their answers.

Taking student attendance

Teachers can also use voting clickers to take student attendance. Afterward, teachers can use this information to give credits or address attendance issues. Electronic clickers also allow for creativity.

For instance, a teacher can ask students whether they have read the required material. The answers given will provide feedback on the students that are in attendance.

Making assessment

The electronic response devices are also good at making assessments. For example, they can be used for conducting simple recall-based polls. These are polls that test whether students remember what they have learned.

This makes it easy for teachers to determine how the students are progressing throughout the study period. Voting clickers can conduct polls that test student understanding levels. A simple example would be when a teacher ask students to match characteristics to concepts.

Adjustment of teaching methods

The versatile nature of clickers can allow for an adjustment of teaching methods when needed. Such flexibility allows students to get a chance to gain more comprehension about a topic. There is a lot of information that a teacher can learn about their students through the use of clickers. Such active engagement encourages active learning.

Audience response is powerful in the classroom

Electronic Clickers for Television audience responses

Voting clickers have revolutionized voting in the TV industry. They are used in:

  • Regular TV shows
  • Game shows

Regular TV shows

Have you seen audiences holding small card-like devices on your favorite TV show? Often, the TV host will ask a question and tell the audience to vote on the answers provided. Usually, the polling results appear immediately. This is the power of the electronic voting clicker.

Traditional methods like raising hands have been known to influence crowds. A voting clicker is frequently used as an anonymous tool. Any responses the audience gives are usually unbiased. This makes clicker tools great for gauging the true reaction of the audience.

Game shows

Voting clickers are also excellent for use in-game shows. They can be used for:

  • A question and answer session or
  • Competitions and selecting winners

Both ways, the audience response will be immediate, and the results will be efficient and accurate.

This allows for the creation of a game show that is professional, efficient and of very high quality.

Electronic Clickers for Market Research

In addition to being used in events, classrooms, and tv shows, electronic clickers are also used for market research. Here are four reasons why the device is ideal for market research and focus groups:

  • Timesaving
  • Accuracy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Truthful responses


It’s common for traditional research methods to take some time. Voting clickers ensure that the response time for gathering data is significantly reduced. The response systems used in the clickers incorporate quiz slides.

A participant in the research will then give answers to the survey with real-time results.


These devices provide an unrivaled level of accuracy in your reports. You can create various kinds of reports depending on your needs.

Risk Assessment

Electronic voting clickers are also suitable for risk assessment research. The PowerPoint incorporated in the audience response system is created with risk in mind. The software and the clicker will allow you to collect anonymous votes and plot the data in a graph.

Focus groups

Voting can be awkward in groups for certain situations. If the research is being conducted in a focus group, the clicker can break the ice and create discussions that are engaging truthful and manageable.

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