Quick Tally® axiom regarding lighting in the room:

If you keep the audience in the dark, they will return the favor.

The interactive event room needs to be just dark enough for the attendees to see the projection and light enough to see the face of the keypad and the faces of their neighbors. The more interactive the session, the more light is needed. A darkened room signals to the audience to be passive.

Technical Tip Keeping Lights off the Screen

Light increases/drops off by half as distance doubles, so the lights closest to the screen make a huge difference, while more distant indirect lights have less of an impact on the screen. Be sure that the down lighting and chandeliers closest to the screens are off. If they are on a master control and cannot be dimmed, see if the venue can take out a few bulbs. It is most important to unscrew any ceiling flood lights playing directly on the projection screen.

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