Quick Tally Clients Rave About Their Meetings



Medical Association Annual Leadership Conference

“I want to commend you and your staff. The system greatly aided me in impacting the audience. It was indeed an awesome amount of information, and I believe your system helped me present it in a manner so as to be memorable by the participants.”
Michael Durkin, Washington, D.C.


AEW Capital Management

Financial Institution Forum

“Your Quick Tally technology made a favorable impression on our clients, many of whom have ‘seen it all.’ Your system allowed us to generate a level of interactivity between our speakers and audience that afforded us the opportunity to bring the whole group together to a cohesive workshop instead of talking-heads conference.”
Betsy Whittemore, Boston, Massachusetts


American Bar Association

National CLE Medical Malpractice Program

“Thank you for your assistance in making our program a resounding success. Your team of dedicated professionals demonstrated a level of commitment to our seminar that was exemplary. Your participation contributed significantly to the overall success of our program. I would not have agreed to  undertake a project of this importance with any other interactive communications company.”
Donald D. Fadjo, Program Chair, Medical & Law Committee, Section of Tort and Insurance Practice, Chicago, Illinois

Annual Meeting, Continued Legal Education

“I have presented many ethics programs throughout the US over the past 5 years, but none has been as successful as the program that you helped us with at the ABA Annual Meeting. A number of the participants told me that it was the best ethics program they have ever attended (some even said it was the best CLE program they had ever seen). I attribute their rave reviews to your interactive system.”
Thomas E. Spahn, McGuireWoods Battle & Booth, Richmond, Virginia


American Academy of Ophthalmology

Medical Association Annual Meetings

“Not only did your system work flawlessly, but the manner in which you and your staff supported our dialogue without interference added in large measure to the success of the meeting. In the history of our organization, this was truly a watershed meeting, and the quality of deliberations by the participants was greatly enhanced by the Quick Tally technology.”
David Noonan, Deputy Vice President, San Francisco, California


American Dental Association

Medical Association Annual House of Delegates

“The Quick Tally® System was perfect for our house of delegates. It made the voting efficient, precise, and in our minds, most importantly credible.”
James H. Sweeney, Assistant Executive Director, Div. of Conferencing and Meeting Services, Chicago, Illinois


American Express

Learning and Development—Leadership Meeting

“The use of the Quick Tally Interactive Audience System for the Express Tax & Business services leadership was a hit! You weren’t kidding when you said ‘breakthrough communication.’ The system truly gave the group a voice, one that up until that time had not been heard. Thank you for your commitment to success!”
Debra Dauplaise, HRD Consultant, New York City, New York

Financial Institution Interactive Planning Process

“I wanted to write and express my satisfaction with Quick Tally and the role the system played in American Express Banks’ Aspiration Based Planning Process. …I believe the meetings where we used Quick Tally served as a turning point in the planning process. … Aside from the system’s capabilities, I was very pleased with the level of service we received from Quick Tally.”
Peter M. Lehman, Vice President, Strategic Planning & Business Development, New York City, New York


American Marketing Association

Association Annual Meeting

“The Quick Tally System was the highlight of the conference… Your system is truly remarkable.”
Dave Strickland, Chicago, Illinois


Bailard Biehl & Kaiser

Investment Management Conference

“…the success of the conference still lingers. This success is largely due to the Quick Tally® system, and we continue to receive positive feedback from clients… This year’s conference was the best yet, particularly because of the electronic devices. They made me feel part of the program and I enjoyed the ability to compare my views with that of my peers.”
Sharon S. Henderson, Director, Investment Programs, San Mateo, California


Boston Financial

Client Conference

“Thank you for your help with our recent client conference. The Quick Tally Interactive System worked great and it was a wonderful way to sum up the meeting.”
Melissa J. Browne, Director, Boston, Massachusetts


Business Development Inc.

Marketing Partner Forum

“I am compelled to write this letter to you because, as lawyers we are often “very particular” people (as our employees like to say). When our expectations are exceeded so much, as they were by your staff and systems, I just had to let you know!”
Julie Savarino, Esq., Director, San Mateo, California



Chief Executive Forums, Chief Financial Officers Forums, US and Asia

“As the editorial director of Business Week Executive Programs (McGraw-Hill), I have booked the services of Alan Warshaw’s Quick Tally polling service many times for use at BusinessWeek’s CEO-only, CFO-only, and CIO-only events around the world. Alan and his team deliver flawlessly every time.

They are also a fount of great ideas on how to use their technology to best effect at an event, so don’t fail to tap into their wisdom. They are absolutely one of the top-tier providers of this service, and very much a trusted partner, not only to McGraw-Hill but also to many other organizations.”
Scott Shuster, Editorial Director, New York City, New York


Cisco Systems

Annual Users Forums, US and France and Germany

“Once again, your Quick Tally® survey contributed to the success of Cisco’s annual users symposium… It gave our customers an opportunity to communicate their opinions on Cisco products and industry issues… Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and service commitment to Cisco.”
Lynette Lew, Manager, Event Marketing, Menlo Park, California


Cushman & Wakefield

Interactive Forum

“The Quick Tally System is an extremely valuable tool, and I would recommend it to others…”
David Gialanella, National Marketing Director


CXO Advisory Group

Public Sector Conferences, Richmond, Virginia

“Thank you for your, as usual, excellent services.”
Steve LeComple, Managing Partner, Manassas, Virginia


Harvard University, Office of Information Technology

“Now that we are finishing up our work on the Harvard campus-wide information technology study, I just want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate all the help you and your staff gave us during our information gathering workshops. I have to tell you that the success of this project was due to more than just the technology. Your staff was incredibly responsive and flexible in helping us plan and execute the events.”
Anne Margulies, Associate Director, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University, JFK School of Government

Interactive Forums

“I wanted to write on behalf of the entire program team to express our strong appreciation for your unselfish commitment to making our workshop such a success… Having used your Quick Tally system seven times we have come to expect the highest level of performance from it. Many thanks for your excellent contribution…”
Tom Fletcher, Associate Director, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Hilton Hotels Corporation

“If you are really interested in honest feedback with immediate results, this is accomplished through this system. We can learn a lot about ourselves, others’ perceptions of us and those opinions of our employees, customers and peers through this viable system.”
Brian D. Stevens, Beverly Hills, California

Imperial Oil Limited (Esso)

Executive Conference

“I would like to extend my personal appreciation for the extensive time and effort that you and your team dedicated to Imperial’s Executive Conference. I am extremely pleased with the success of the conference and your efforts went a long way to helping us achieve this.”
P.J. Pringle, Vice President, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Customer Conferences

“What I want to congratulate you most on is the fact that you really cared enough to make this program work especially well. Count on us for a firm recommendation for you individually and your organization. We can’t say enough good things about Quick Tally and, particularly, Alan Warshaw.”
George Nordhaus, Chairman, Santa Monica, California


Intel Corporation

Employee Conferences

“The Quick Tally team exceeded our expectations.”
Chuck Woodman, Technical Marketing Engineer, Hillsboro, Oregon


Innovex Medicom

Medical Conference

“We are very satisfied if not ecstatic with the success of the interactive session.”
Randall I. Charles, Innovex, Inc., Parsippany, New Jersey


John Hancock Financial Services

Corporate Employee Conference

“Your technology allowed us to take some critical measurements on where we are, and where we need to go, to successfully complete our culture change initiative. It allowed us to give our employees the power to express their views on issues that will affect all of us—both personally and professionally—in the coming years. This, in itself, sent a very powerful message about the type of culture we want—one where personal involvement and speaking up are not only welcome, but absolutely necessary … I would encourage others here at John Hancock, as well as those outside the company, to use Quick Tally®.”
Scott C. Sacco, Director of Communications Strategy, Boston, Massachusetts


KCBS-TV, CBS Television Stations

Televised Town Meeting

“Just a quick note to formally thank you for your outstanding contribution to our Town Meeting… Quick Tally was one of the big stars of our broadcast.”
Erick D. Soreneson, News Director, Los Angeles, California


Kids Voting

Student Convention

“Kids Voting was a huge success… you and your team enabled us to stage the largest electronic voting activity for students across the country.”
Regina Keilly, Executive Director, San Jose, California


Longs Drug Stores

Corporate Planning Meeting

“The Quick Tally tool was perfect for what we had in mind, a dramatic catalyst for change.”
Lori Talbot-Briegler, Training Manager, Walnut Creek, California


Massachusetts Bar

Legal Association Forum

“Our lawyers and judges thoroughly enjoyed themselves and gave the program rave reviews. I would recommend Quick Tally highly to anyone inquiring about your services.”
Daniel Larner, Program Attorney, Boston, Massachusetts


McCord Travel Management

Interactive Forum

“While the technology gave us the interactive look we desired, it would have been far less useful if we had not received your team’s guidance in question formulation and response pacing. The quality of your advice, based on the many other sessions you’ve run, gave us the best results and an interesting program.”
Bruce M. Black, President


Merck & Co.

Pharmaceutical Meeting

“Thank you for all of the help and expertise provided by your company…”
Bridget A. O’Brien, Whitehorse Station, New Jersey


Merv Griffin Enterprises “Sajak”

Television Audience Voting

“I want to thank Quick Tally for their services and tell you what a pleasure it was to work with such a professional and competent company. You and your staff have the ability to make anyone perform like a pro and make any application of your system an unqualified success.”
Andrew Smith, Producer, “Sajak”, Beverly Hills, California


Milliman & Robertson, Inc.

“When I was at an Asian (Business Week) CEO seminar in Hong Kong last year, I had an opportunity to see the (Quick Tally) system in action—and I can tell you it was phenomenal.”
James A. Curtis, Chairman & CEO, Seattle, Washington


Meeting Planners International - Dallas/Fort Worth

Association Meeting

“The results speak for themselves, as our members voted this meeting to be one of the most beneficial…”
Judy Love Bradley, Dallas, Texas


MPI / Southern California

“What a show you put on! Your staff is efficient and so professional. Your knowledge and enthusiasm made it easy for us to use your system in ways we never dreamed of before. Your ideas are unlimited.”
Marjorie Y. Risinger, Past President and Program Chair, Los Angeles, California


Northern Telecom

Telecommunications Corporate Meeting

“This note is intended to thank you and your staff for the outstanding assistance and support provided us during the planning and implementation of the use of Quick Tally. Thanks for the steadfast interest and guidance.”
Rae Tattenbaum, Nashville, Tennessee


OIC Events

Global Forum on Management Education

“Thank you and your crew for a job extremely well done in Bangkok during the Global Forum. …with 800 plus delegates from 77 countries, it was very important to us that a supplier from halfway around the world be that reliable, and you were.”
Ashok Nath, President, OIC Events, Philippines


Pacific Telesis Group

Change Leadership Conference

“Thank you for another outstanding job integrating an audience response system into our Change Leadership Conference. …Thank you for a wonderful enhancement to the event. Thank you too for the advice and counsel on how to phrase questions and manage executives’ fears about disclosure.”
Shelly Cullimoreh, San Francisco, California



Worldwide Marketing Summit

“It was a pleasure to work in the company of such true professionals who hold such a high degree of excellence. You certainly met our expectations and made the experience delightful.”
Elizabeth Franco, Pleasanton, California


Physician Insurers Association of America

Corporate Interactive Meeting

“We look forward to another rewarding experience.”
Lynn S. Powell, Education Director, Rockville, Maryland


Providence / Saint Joseph Medical Center

Medical Conferences

“We have really appreciated your wholehearted support and excellent customer service.”
Jacqueline Seltz-Lenarsky, Burbank, California


Riverview Technical Group

Ongoing Interactive Game Show, with 30 participants, using Audience Response System at the Symantec Trade Show booth at RSA 2014, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for the terrific support of Symantec at RSA 2014. The clients were thrilled.”
Jonathan Haworth, Senior Technical Director



Annual International Users Group Conference

“Your contribution to the success of the conference was invaluable. Your staffs professionalism and knowledge was invaluable and definitely contributed to the success of the conference. It was an honor to work with you.”
Nadia Gould, Snomed Users Group Project Director, Northfield, Illinois


Sun Microsystems

Consumer and Mobil Systems All Hands Meeting

“We found that our group felt very comfortable using the Quick Tally system. It worked flawlessly.”
Alan Brenner, VP, Consumer & Mobil Systems Group, Santa Clara, California


Standard & Poor’s

Interactive Forum

“The Quick Tally support for our Forum was superb!”
Chris Rousseau, Vice President, Strategic Planning, New York City, New York


Stanford University, Department of Communication


“Your system has been valuable in our research, and we look forward to continued use. We have found the system easy to use and reliable.”
Byron Reeves, Professor and Director, Institute for Communication, Stanford, California


Swedish Medical Center

Medical Conference

“I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are working with you and everyone at Quick Tally. The Interactive Forum has made our last two conferences quite impressive.”
Nancy Manuel, Conference Coordinator, Engelwood, Colorado



U.S. Library of Congress Internet Connectivity Initiative Conference

“As a high stakes project, our team needed to deliver flawlessly on short notice. The Quick Tally technology worked perfectly and the six interactive sessions were a tremendous success. Many participants commented to the library of Congress that they really enjoyed the format and thought that the sessions were excellent.”
Dale Mieta, President & CEO, Reston, Virginia



Annual Sales Kickoff

“…thank you and your staff for your significant roll in our annual sales kickoff and all-employee meetings. …our employees left the meetings energized and well-informed.”
Aart J. deGeus, President & CEO, Mountain View, California


Tenneco Gas Transportation Company

Corporate Leadership & Planning Conferences

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Quick Tally Interactive System. I found it to be an extremely effective way to increase involvement and understanding by the audience.”
C.M. Rampacek, President, Houston, TX



Executive Conferences

“The system worked flawlessly. The Quick Tally® staff were very professional and a pleasure to work with again. I recommend this system to anyone interested in engaging the audience, generating understanding, and collecting valuable data around a given topic.”
Dan J. McGugin, Principal – Organization Development, Canton, Ohio



“Everything worked perfectly. My session was a smashing success. Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service!”
Kathy Koultourides, Vice President-Global Sales Force Development

University of California, Los Angeles

Annual Medical Association Meeting

“I want to thank you and your staff for the superb job that you did.”
William J. French, M.D., Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Torrance, California


University of California, San Francisco

Medical Meetings

“As you know, this was our first experience with interactive technology. We could not have managed without your patient guidance through the pre-program planning. The competent professionalism of you and your staff during rehearsal and the actual presentation ensured success. The technical aspects were flawless.”
Sara Burke, Administrative Director, San Francisco, California


University of Michigan

Business Management Meetings, US and United Arab Emirates

“I have worked successfully with Quick Tally on three separate occasions with three separate clients including a leading automotive company, a major manufacturing firm and one of the world’s largest investment institutions. I have found the Quick Tally team to be very competent and professional. They prompt us to ask the right questions and provide flexible approaches to data analysis. Most important, they are remarkably responsive during both the planning and implementation phases. I have been very satisfied with their work as have been the senior leadership teams with I have worked.”
Joseph Brockbank, Clinical Professor of Business, Ross School of Business Administration at the University of Michigan


U.S. National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation

Association Forum

“For the first time, our organization realized that true consensus-taking was possible.”
Stephen Guisinger, Professor, The University of Texas at Dallas


Vin Di Bona Productions “Funniest Home Videos”

ABC Television Program

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the outstanding job that you and your company are doing on ‘America’s Funniest Home Video.’ It is important for us to have a reliable system that can tabulate voting in a matter of seconds, especially when we have voting going on in multiple sites, during which we are paying for expensive satellite time.”
Howard Malley, Executive in Charge of Production, Los Angeles, California



Medical/Health Education

“The ‘Healthy Kids Quiz’ production went seamlessly. Considering the highly technical nature of the program, the fact that it went so smoothly is miraculous. …thank you for helping to make our TV show a big success.”
Ramsay Gifford Trussell, Producer, Healthy Kids Quiz, Needham Heights, Massachusetts


Wellpoint Pharmacy Management

Expert Continuing Medical Education Panel

“I would like to thank you and your staff for assisting in constructing a terrifically well received program with our HMO clients’ physicians. The expert panel… using the Quick Tally Interactive keypad system was a big success.”
Brian T. Sweet, Regional Pharmacy Director, Totowanda, New York


Wells Fargo Bank

Annual Client Conferences

“This note of appreciation is to acknowledge the indefatigable folks at Quick Tally. You certainly provided exceptional services to Wells Fargo during our annual conference. You and your staff went well beyond the call of duty for us. We were particularly impressed with your assistance in honing our questions. You were there early in morning… the late evening… doing whatever it took to make our presentations successful. We had high expectations. You met them all. Thanks for a job well done.”
Carol Field, Vice President, Communications Department, San Francisco, California


West Virginia Roundtable

Interactive Organization Meeting

“This was a critical meeting to the future of our organization. Thank you for the large roll you played in making this meeting a success.”
Betsy Rogers Owens, Charleston, West Virginia


The World Bank

Global Meeting

“…thanks to all at Quick Tally® who helped make our first global meeting of investment promotion agencies a great success. Your technology helped us garner the research material as well as the votes that we needed to launch our new initiatives at MIGA on behalf of member countries in the developing world and transition economies.”
Martin Hartigan, Administrator, Policy and Advisory Services

Several Divisions of the American Bar Association use Quick Tally’s Staffed on-site audience response services. This one was a large conference of 400 international attendees and it “was essential that the system worked perfectly”. The ABA used the voting technology to emphasize the points that were most relevant to the attendees. The program chair, after several phone calls, was open to our advice to abandon the “talking heads” and listen to the attendees. That made the difference between a lecture and successful interaction to discover and fulfilling the attendees level of expectations.

The American Marketing Association’s, Marketing Research Conference, used the audience participation provided by the introduction of the anonymity of expressing opinions by the use of voting devices (Clickers) and our Interactive Event Consulting to gather data and enhance participation at their interactive sessions.

Cushman & Wakefield, a global real-estate firm used the power of interactive audience response at their Strategic Planning Meeting to insure empowering the attendees had the ability to speak truthfully to issues. The National Marketing Director wrote that 96.2% of the attendees agreed on the value of Quick Tally’s contribution.

Longs Drug Stores used the power of instant tabulation and anonymity at their Annual Store Managers Meeting. They used the system to reach their goal as a catalyst for change. When the managers were asked about the value of the Quick Tally System, on a scale of 1-10, they indicated YES– with a mean score of 9. When polled about the value of having our services at their event, we have never been give any ration below 90.

Merv Griffin Companies Production of the television pilot “SAJAK”, used Quick Tally for studio audience interaction and voting, in what they described as “an unqualified success;  We were breaking new ground, and the system was absolutely critical to the concept of the show; We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Sun Microsystems Consumer and Mobil Systems used the audience response system for an All Hands Interactive Conference. Company-wide meetings tend to be large and impersonal; adding the interactive voting system provided the needed inclusion. Because there was short notice the equipment was driven 500 miles by the Quick Tally account executive.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology awarded the Annual Meeting contract for interactive audience polling to Quick Tally. It was for their first use of audience response technology for enhancing the effectiveness of their Scientific Education Courses at the event.  Since it was their first time doing this, we spoke to every presenter and help devise their use of interactivity to enhance learning. The success of this interactive ARS event  lead to working their General Assemblies. There was a landmark use of the technology to settle a contentious debate regarding allowing other related professionals (in addition to Ophthalmologists) into the academy. Being new to using audience response technology, they didn’t even think of using us for a solution—which was often the case with new users. After hearing the suggestion that they put it to a vote, the issue was resolves literally in a minute.

Cisco Systems used Quick Tally Consulting and Staffed On-site Interactive Service to engage separate events of audiences composed of employees, users groups and clients world-wide. In addition to collecting data, they wisely understood that because of their well-deserved reputation for graciousness and hospitality, they might receive lip service instead of truthful responses from their clients. In Paris Quick Tally’s reminded the moderator that because the attendees were anonymous he could ask questions that he would not in a face-to-face meeting. The single question he then asked launched a new product.

Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government partnered with Quick Tally on an ongoing basis supplying consulting and on-site technicians to enhance their two-day workshops for senior information technologies managers at their agencies: “… we have continued to use Quick Tally because our participants, and we, see the significant value it adds to the controversial issues… “.  Not unexpectedly they used the system as well as one would expect from a prestigious university.

On a personal note, I would like to express thanks the JFK School for their gift of a Harvard sweatshirt to replace mine from NYU. It was in a gift box in my hotel room with a note that they expected me to wear the proper attire when at Harvard.

Harvard University, Office of Information Technology held a campus-wide information technology study polling faculty and students. They gathered factual data the otherwise would only have been possible through time consuming personal interviews. Quick Tally provided equipment, consulting and on-site staff for their events.

The Massachusetts Bar Association had an event that was by design perfect for the use of Quick Tally’s Audience Voting System. It was designed to be a forum, which by definition is: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. What better venue could there be for employing an instantaneous and anonymous voting system.

Late in the day at First Class Resort Hotel in Florida it takes a little more effort to compete with sand, surf and golf. The regional Sales Manager for Maxwell House Coffee had what he describes as “a very dry, late in the day presentation at their National Sales Meeting”. He used the Quick Tally audience polling system successfully to create a “humorous but impactful approach”.

Northern Telecom utilized the Quick Tally methodology of Breakthrough Technology to empower participants to unthreateningly breakthrough their perceptions and barriers to change regarding social issues. Audience response technology provides the opportunity to measure each individual’s opinions against the often misunderstood or unexamined facts.

Pacific Telesis had a large event of 1100 attendees at their Change Leadership Conference. There is understandably a certain amount of fear about using new technology. Quick Tally provided the guidance needed in the development of their interactive sessions to manage the executives many concerns.

Hilton Hotels use the power of audience response (Clickers) and our consulting to truly learn about themselves and their own realistic or unrealistic perception of their employees and customers. It’s what Quick Tally calls Breakthrough Communications.

Standard & Poor’s Vice President of Strategic Planning, Christopher Rousseau had an event made for the use of an anonymous voting (audience response) system. It was a forum: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged; and it presented a need for open discussions. That’s the difference, often not honored, between a meeting and a forum. Mr. Rousseau called our support “superb”, however much of the credit goes to his willingness to set up an event truly designed for listening and open discussion.

Synfusion hired Quick Tally Interactive Systems to support their engagement with the Library of Congress to enable libraries around the world to have 24/7 access to their digital reference service. The event used the audience response clickers for six separate sessions. They received “tremendous value from the impressions collected during the sessions.

The University of California, San Francisco called upon Quick Tally for its maiden voyage into using an audience response system for interactive medical education at a Symposium in Chicago. As a first time user, we guided them both before and at the event through every step of the development of the program to its facilitation.

Wells Fargo Bank originally used Quick Tally for an Annual Client Conference, which led to several other events. In addition to providing our On-site Staffed Services, we were also called upon to work late into the evening to assist in the preparation and refinement of the client’s interactive program and interactive questions. The program was a great success because it was, as the client put it: “a joint collaboration”.

BusinessWeek’s World-Wide Executive Forums used Quick Tally for Interactive Forums from Hong Kong to Boca Raton and lots of places in-between to empower their attendees to share information with each other, creating a unique opportunity to gather and publish information for their magazine. BusinessWeek realized that the really valuable information was with the audience of America’s leading CEOs and CFOs–not with the hired speakers. They learned the key to interactive meetings: listening!

Esso, Imperial Oil Canada, Used Quick Tally Interactive Systems anonymous audience polling (ARS Clickers and or Staffed On-site Service to enhance participation and interaction at their Conference. Canadians are well known for their politeness needed a little encouragement to be expressive or critical. The anonymity provided by the use of audience response voting devices enabling them to express their true opinions in front of their peers.

The Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security and Quick Tally were integral parts of a series of meetings, beginning weeks after 9-11, of nationwide events for the United States Secret Service and the National Security Agency regarding preparedness of American business for electronica sabotage.

The CXO Advisory Group public sector perspectives conference in Richmond Virginia used the Quick Tally interactive polling services as an essential tool to involve all of the executives at the event in order to know what their peers think as a group and how they fit into the group’s opinions. CXO and Quick Tally partnered on several events.

PeopleSoft, Inc. a provider of human resource management systems, Financial Management Solutions, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and enterprise performance recognized the power of using an interactive response system with its speed and anonymity for human resources training and development.

American Express Company used Quick Tally’s audience voting technology for the American Express Banker’s Aspiration-based Planning Process. The voting indicated strong consensus around a clear direction for the bank that many suspected was the consensus view, but that discussion alone could not confirm. The use of ARS Clickers and the anonymity it provides made the difference.

Business Development Inc. Marketing Partner Forum declared “when our expectations are exceeded so much as they were by your staff and systems, I just had to let you know the system was a big “hit” with the audience.

KCBS TV Golden Mike Award Winning, Television Town Hall, Save Our Schools “SOS” brought together the diverse members of the Los Angeles school system in a televised forum. Quick Tally provided the voting element for the audience of concerned educators to freely discuss their differences.

Kid’s Voting Convention-“KidsVention” was a huge success. It was the Largest Electronica Voting Activity for Students across the country. It involved students, teachers, staff from the San Jose School District and it filled the Sharks Arena in San Jose California. The Convention used the complete Quick Tally service of consulting, onsite staff and equipment.

McCord Travel Management presented the Ethics Panel at Travel Weekly‘s Conference.  The president of McCord commented that it was a big success primarily of your Quick Tally system and the quality of your advice based on the many other sessions you’ve run gave us the best results and an interesting program.

Meeting Planners International, MPI of Southern California and Sacramento hosted Quick Tally to educate their members about the new technology. They gained valuable information to discovery areas that needed more training. The voting system was used at a nationally mandated program which they say would not have been possible without the use of the quick tally interactive system.

The West Virginia Roundtable used our audience response technology and onsite technician at their Issue Development Conference as a critical element in planning the future of their organization without waiting a lot of valuable time.

Swedish Medical Center is one of many medical/pharmaceutical companies that understood the value of saving time and making their meetings more productive.

McGuireWoods Battle & Boothe. Their comments regarding Quick Tally’s Audience Response services at the American Bar Association’s Ethics Program at their annual meeting were glowing. That audience members said that it was the best ethics program they had ever attended (some even said it was the best CLE program they had ever seen). Ethics programs are a perfect fit for soliciting truthful responses eliminating peer pressure through the anonymity that the system provides with the use of individual voting devices (Clickers).

Physicians Insures Association of America Annual Meeting used our technology and Staffed On-site Service and we were tasked with having the attendees enjoying the interactive nature of the presentation and to keep them interested to the end. The evaluation scores for Quick Tally’s On-site Staffed ARS Services exceeded the average for all meeting sessions.

The Great Skate Debate was the world’s largest interactive gathering; the largest audience electronically polled; the first time that the audience determined the winners of a skating exhibition and the first use of its kind on television.  It began with a booming voice saying, “Your taking part in the largest interactive event in the history of the world… a maiden voyage into sports history.” Quick Tally Interactive Systems built and ran the interactive arena audience polling system (clickers) specifically for the 4,300 audience members enabling them to vote instantaneously for their favorite world-class skater. The polling was flawless, and the results were shown immediately nation-wide on CBS television.

This was a landmark Electronic Town Hall both in terms of using the Quick Tally Audience Response System (ARS polling system clickers) and in its application to bringing a racially divided community together. This was the first use by New York State of audience voting “clickers”, and they chose Duchess County, where the Tawana Brawley case began. The voting system allowed the entire community to express their candid opinions and work toward consensus.

The landmark R.A.C.E – Racial Attitudes and Consciousness Exam was a two-part NBC-TV Nationally Televised program, measuring viewers opinions/reactions to various racial scenarios presented. It was ground-breaking (not only in the subject matter) but also technically linking together live interactive voting audiences and individuals across the country. The Live Quick Tally Audience Polling System showed overall results as well as geographic comparison. Diversity has become a major use of electronic keypad polling systems.

Condition Critical: The American Healthcare Forum was an experiment in Television Democracy; an unprecedented two-hour nation-wide forum on PBS originating from the First Parish Church facing the Battle Green in Lexington, Massachusetts, the birthplace of American participatory democracy. During the program the studio audience was polled, using the Quick Tally Audience Voting System- ARS Clickers, asking them to register their reactions to various ideas and opinions for reform. The anonymity provided by the voting devices and the instantaneous results provided the show with reliable, quick responses.

The Harbor-UCLA Medical Center used the Quick Tally Audience Response Conference Voting System (ARS Clickers) and Consulting Services on several occasions for Continuing Medical Education. They write that the Western Investigators’ Meeting of the National Registry of Myocardial Infraction Sessions were “highly successful”. Audience Response Systems are widely-used for training and knowledge retention in the Medical – Pharmaceutical industry.